I’m Jean Aycock, proprietor and dyer here at Foxtrot Fibers. I stumbled into natural dyeing as part of my day job as an environmental educator – one of my pet projects involves teaching several craft workshops each year. In 2014, I got the bright idea to do a natural dyeing workshop, and my passion for dyeing has grown ever since.

I decided to start Foxtrot Fibers when I realized that there were few indie dyers working with locally gathered plant materials. There’s a lot of great natural dye stuffs available online, but for me, the connection to the land that comes when you’re out in the fields simply can’t be matched. Here in Central Kansas there’s an incredible variety of dye plants available, and it seemed a shame not to share them with fiber lovers around the world.

If you have any questions about the inner workings of Foxtrot Fibers, I’m always glad to chat! Send an email to or find me on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.